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Many Rape Victims Experience Involuntary Paralysis that Prevents Them from Resisting (June 2017)

Research Uncovers the Effects of Traumatic Childbirth on Midwives and Obstetricians (May 2016)

Medical Conditions Are More Common in Women Who Are Sexually Abused (April 2016)

Unsuccessful Fertility Treatments Not Linked with Clinically Diagnosed Depression in Women (August 2015)

Lowered national cesarean section rates after a concerted action (March 2015)

Characteristics and outcome of unplanned out-of-institution births in Norway from 1999 to 2013: a cross-sectional study (September 2014)

Term breech deliveries in the Netherlands: did the increased cesarean rate affect neonatal outcome? A population-based cohort study (August 2014)

Effects of anemia and iron deficiency on quality of life in women with heavy menstrual bleeding (June 2014)

Divorce or end of cohabitation among Danish women evaluated for fertility problems (March 2014)

Claims for compensation after alleged birth asphyxia: a nationwide study covering 15 years (November 2013)

Impact of maternal negative affectivity on light alcohol use and binge drinking during pregnancy (October 2013)

The size of the labor wards: is bigger better when it comes to patient safety? (September 2013)

Consequences of being Rhesus D immunized during pregnancy and how to optimize new prevention strategies (July 2013)

Hormonal and surgical treatments for endometriosis and risk of epithelial ovarian cancer (April 2013)

Pre-pregnant body mass index, gestational weight gain and the risk of operative delivery (March 2013)

Use of analgesic drugs and risk of ovarian cancer: results from a Danish case–control study (September 2012)

Maternal and neonatal outcomes following induction of labor: a cohort study (March 2012)

Maternal pre-pregnant body mass index, maternal weight change and offspring birthweight (December 2011)

Obstetric outcome for women who received individualized treatment for fear of childbirth during pregnancy (September 2011)

Cesarean section after induction of labor compared with expectant management: no added risk from gestational week 39 (June 2011)

Reproductive patterns and pregnancy outcomes in women with congenital heart disease – a Swedish population-based study (April 2011)

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