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Journal Club

The BJOG editorial team identifies papers suitable for use in journal clubs. Every paper is accompanied by a set of questions or discussion points, prepared by BJOG’s journal club coordinator, and power points slides prepared by the author.

The discussion points should stimulate discussion on:
• Study design
• Analysis and interpretation of the results
• Whether clinical practice in your local hospital setting should be modified in light of the overall evidence base.

Although the papers are aimed at journal club use, the critical review frameworks may also be helpful for health care professionals preparing for oral structured clinical examinations (OSCE), oral assessments or other academic exercises. The discussion points include the PICO framework to formulate a structured question.

The Blue Journal Club
The Blue Journal Club is hosted on social media, with most discussion taking place on Twitter. Participants use the hashtag #BlueJC to discuss the chosen paper.

How does the journal club work?
• BlueJC starts on the last Wednesday of each month
• A BJOG paper is chosen, promoted and made free to view
• Participants answer discussion points on the paper posted on Twitter and LinkedIn
• All comments are collated and published in BJOG Exchange

Find us on the following social media:
• Twitter: Use #BlueJC and follow @BlueJCHost
• LinkedIn: Join The Blue Journal Club group

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