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BJOG on the Case

BJOG on the Case shares legal cases or legal implications of practice so that you can keep informed of this area of medicine.

BJOG since 1902

Understand how medicine and the speciality has changed, or not, with BJOG since 1902. Each of the articles compares historic papers published in BJOG with current studies.

BJOG Inspired

BJOG Inspired offer inspirational stories related to women’s health or medical research more generally.

BJOG Debates

Few areas of O&G are clear cut. In each of these articles, experts provide opposing arguments on surgical techniques, ethical issues, current practice and topical disputes in the following articles.

Research Methods Guides

Coming soon.
These short articles aim to assist early career researchers to understand statistical and methodological aspects of research. Each guide contains learning points and recommends further resources.

Author Insights

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