The Core Outcomes in Women’s health (CROWN) initiative is an international initiative, led by journal editors, to harmonise outcome reporting in women’s health research. We are coming together to address the widespread, unwarranted variation in reporting of outcomes. This problem makes comparison between and combination of results across studies difficult, if not impossible. As a result there can be difficulties in synthesising evidence to generate recommendations for clinical practice which is detrimental to the health of women and their babies.

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JOGR Article Awards

Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research is pleased to announce the following article awardees.

Young Scientists Awardee 2013-2014
Uterus allotransplantation in cynomolgus macaque: A preliminary experience with non-human primate models
Iori Kisu

Yoon Seok Chang Endowment Awardee 2013-2014
Resveratrol suppresses inflammatory responses in endometrial stromal cells derived from endometriosis: A possible role of the sirtuin 1 pathway
Ayumi Taguchi

Yuji Murata Endowment Awardees 2013-2014
Prediction of women's long-term cardiometabolic risks using glycemic indices during pregnancy
Wing Hung Tam