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December, Volume 48, Issue 6

Systematic review and meta-analysis of persistent left superior vena cava on prenatal ultrasound: associated anomalies, diagnostic accuracy and postnatal outcome
S. Gustapane, M. Leombroni, A. Khalil, F. Giacci, L. Marrone, F. Bascietto, G. Rizzo, G. Acharya, M. Liberati, F. D'Antonio

October, Volume 48, Issue 4

Perinatal outcomes and intrauterine complications following fetal intervention for congenital heart disease: systematic review and meta‐analysis of observational studies
E. Araujo Júnior, G. Tonni, M. Chung, R. Ruano, W. P. Martins

September, Volume 48, Issue 3
Prevalence of prenatal brain abnormalities in fetuses with congenital heart disease: a systematic review
A. Khalil, S. Bennet, B. Thilaganathan, D. Paladini, P. Griffiths and J. S. Carvalho

July, Volume 48, Issue 1
Systematic review and meta‐analysis of isolated posterior fossa malformations on prenatal imaging (part 2): neurodevelopmental outcome
F. D'Antonio, A. Khalil, C. Garel, G. Pilu, G. Rizzo, T. Lerman‐Sagie, A. Bhide, B. Thilaganathan, L. Manzoli, A. T. Papageorghiou

April, Volume 47, Issue 4
Fetuses with right aortic arch: a multicenter cohort study and meta-analysis

F. D'Antonio, A. Khalil, V. Zidere and J. S. Carvalho

January, Volume 47, Issue 1
Predictive accuracy of second-trimester uterine artery Doppler indices for stillbirth: a systematic review and meta-analysis
R. E. Allen, M. Morlando, B. Thilaganathan, J. Zamora, K. S. Khan, S. Thangaratinam and A. Bhide

Accuracy of first-trimester ultrasound in diagnosis of tubal ectopic pregnancy in the absence of an obvious extrauterine embryo: systematic review and meta-analysis
A. Richardson, I. Gallos, S. Dobson, B. K. Campbell, A. Coomarasamy and N. Raine-Fenning

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