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December, Volume 42, Issue 6
Isolated fetal pyelectasis and the risk of Down syndrome: a meta-analysis

K. M. Orzechowski and V. Berghella

Relationship of isolated single umbilical artery to fetal growth, aneuploidy and perinatal mortality: systematic review and meta-analysis
B. J. Voskamp, H. Fleurke-Rozema, K. Oude-Rengerink, R. J. M. Snijders, C. M. Bilardo,B. W. J. Mo and E. Pajkrte

November, Volume 42, Issue 5
Transvaginal sonographic assessment of cervical length and wedging for predicting outcome of labor induction at term: a systematic review and meta-analysis

C. J. M. Verhoeven, B. C. Opmeer, S. G. Oei, V. Latour, J. A. M. van der Post and B. W. J. Mol

Prenatal identification of invasive placentation using ultrasound: systematic review and meta-analysis
F. D’Antonio, C. Iacovella and A. Bhide

October, Volume 42, Issue 4
Nuchal translucency and major congenital heart defects in fetuses with normal karyotype: a meta-analysis

A. Sotiriadis, S. Papatheodorou, M. Eleftheriades, G. Makrydimas

September, Volume 42, Issue 3
Value of adding second-trimester uterine artery Doppler to patient characteristics in identification of nulliparous women at increased risk for pre-eclampsia: an individual patient data meta-analysis

C.E. Kleinrouweler, P.M.M. Bossuyt, B. Thilaganathan, K.C. Vollebregt, J. Arenas Ramírez, A. Ohkuchi, K.L. Deurloo, M. Macleod, A.E. Diab, H. Wolf, J.A.M. van der Post, B.W.J. Mol, E. Pajkrt

August, Volume 42, Issue 2
Sonographic measurement of lower uterine segment thickness to predict uterine rupture during a trial of labor in women with previous Cesarean section: a meta-analysis
N. Kok, I. C. Wiersma, B. C. Opmeer, I. M. de Graaf, B. W. Mol, E. Pajkrt

July, Volume 42, Issue 1
Intrafetal laser treatment for twin reversed arterial perfusion sequence: cohort study and meta-analysis
G. Pagani, F. D'Antonio, A. Khalil, A. Papageorghiou, A. Bhide, B. Thilaganathan

July, Volume 42, Issue 1
Non-invasive prenatal testing for aneuploidy: current status and future prospects
P. Benn, H. Cuckle, E. Pergament

June, Volume 41, Issue 6
Use of prenatal chromosomal microarray: prospective cohort study and systematic review and meta-analysis
S. C. Hillman, D. J. McMullan, G. Hall, F. S. Togneri, N. James, E. J. Maher, C. H. Meller, D. Williams, R. J. Wapner, E. R. Maher, M. D. Kilbyi

May, Volume 41, Issue 5
Prevention of perinatal death and adverse perinatal outcome using low-dose aspirin: a meta-analysis

S. Roberge, K. H. Nicolaides, S. Demers, P. Villa, E. Bujold

April, Volume 41, Issue 4
Systematic review of sonographic findings of placental mesenchymal dysplasia and subsequent pregnancy outcome

U. A. Nayeri, A. B. West, H. K. Grossetta Nardini, J. A. Copel, A. K. Sfakianaki

March, Volume 41, Issue 3
Meta-analysis of second-trimester markers for trisomy 21
M. Agathokleous, P. Chaveeva, L. C. Y. Poon, P. Losinksi, K. H. Nicolaides

February, Volume 41, Issue 2
Impact of cord entanglement on perinatal outcome of monoamniotic twins: a systematic review
A.C. Rossi, F. Prefumo

January, Volume 41, Issue 1
Improving Strategies for diagnosing ovarian cancer: a summary of the International Ovarian Tumor Analysis (IOTA) studies
J. Kaijser, T. Bourne, L. Valentin, A. Sayasneh, C. Van Holsbeke, I. Vergote, A. Testa, D. Franchi, B. Van Calster, D. Timmerman

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