Video Abstracts

Helping Others Visualize Research

To help maximize the impact of papers published in Prenatal Diagnosis, we offer our authors the opportunity to create a professionally and custom-produced video abstract to accompany their article. This audio-visual content helps others to quickly understand the research, and makes the findings accessible to a much broader audience.

The service is managed by Wiley in partnership with Research Square, and it is available to all accepted authors of Prenatal Diagnosis. A video abstract costs US$1500, however there are surcharges associated with script revisions beyond the complimentary first round. For further information, visit or email

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Frequently Asked Questions

Further information is available through Wiley Author Services.

What are video abstracts?

A video abstract is a visual summary of a published article that gives its authors the opportunity to present their research in a more comprehensible, easily accessible way. By allowing authors to disseminate their research more broadly, they increase the chances of forming new connections with collaborators, colleagues, funders, and societies.

Who makes the videos?

Research Square's video production team is composed of writers, voiceover artists, illustrators, and animators with graduate-level scientific training from top US research universities that work with the authors to create each video .

How are video abstracts created?

Research Square's team of specialists summarize the paper in a language that is easily understood. They avoid jargon and write short, yet precise sentences for better comprehension. They also limit the word count to 450 words to keep the script focused.

Authors are responsible for providing Research Square with their manuscript details. Once received, Research Square drafts a script to be sent to the authors for revision or approval. Once approved, Research Square then creates a custom video that includes voiceover, animation, images, and text. Research Square will consult with the authors to ensure that the accuracy and details of the paper are carefully represented. The average production time takes approximately 3-4 weeks.

What happens after the video is created?

Research Square provides the author with a copy of the video that can be used in presentations, grant applications, classrooms, and professional websites. The author is also given a slide deck of selected stills from the video to help create visually striking presentations about their work.

Research Square uploads the video to BrightCove and Vimeo, two of the most widely utilized video distribution websites. The author also receives a custom toolkit with information pertaining to their video abstract, including:

  • Tips on how to further disseminate the video content using a wide range of channels
  • Tools and methods for tracking the success of the video
  • A list of keywords that have been used to tag the video online
  • A written version of the video script