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December, Volume 50, Issue 6

Physiological adaptation of endothelial function to pregnancy: systematic review and meta‐analysis
V. A. Lopes van Balen, T. A. G. van Gansewinkel, S. de Haas, S. M. J. van Kuijk, J. van Drongelen, C. Ghossein‐Doha, M. E. A. Spaanderman

November, Volume 50, Issue 5

Cerclage for sonographic short cervix in singleton gestations without prior spontaneous preterm birth: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials using individual patient-level data
V. Berghella, A. Ciardulli, O. A. Rust, M. To, K. Otsuki, S. Althuisius, K. H. Nicolaides, A. Roman, G. Saccone

October, Volume 50, Issue 4

Systematic review of first‐trimester ultrasound screening for detection of fetal structural anomalies and factors that affect screening performance
J. N. Karim, N. W. Roberts, L. J. Salomon, A. T. Papageorghiou

September, Volume 50, Issue 3

Analysis of cell‐free DNA in maternal blood in screening for aneuploidies: updated meta‐analysis
M. M. Gil, V. Accurti, B. Santacruz, M. N. Plana, K. H. Nicolaides

Placental histopathology associated with pre‐eclampsia: systematic review and meta‐analysis
M. L. Falco, J. Sivanathan, A. Laoreti, B. Thilaganathan, A. Khalil

July, Volume 50, Issue 1

Accuracy of saline contrast sonohysterography in detection of endometrial polyps and submucosal leiomyomas in women of reproductive age with abnormal uterine bleeding: systematic review and meta‐analysis
C. A. Bittencourt, R. dos Santos Simões, W. M. Bernardo, L. F. P. Fuchs, J. M. Soares Júnior, A. R. Pastore, E. C. Baracat

June, Volume 49, Issue 6

Lung size and liver herniation predict need for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation but not pulmonary hypertension in isolated congenital diaphragmatic hernia: systematic review and meta-analysis
F. M. Russo, M. P. Eastwood, R. Keijzer, J. Al-Maary, J. Toelen, T. Van Mieghem and J. A. Deprest

May, Volume 49, Issue 5

Blastocyst vs cleavage-stage embryo transfer: systematic review and meta-analysis of reproductive outcomes
W. P. Martins, C. O. Nastri, L. Rienzi, S. Z. van der Poel, C. Gracia, C. Racowsky

April, Volume 49, Issue 4

Oligohydramnios in complicated and uncomplicated pregnancy: a systematic review and meta‐analysis
N. Rabie, E. Magann, S. Steelman, S. Ounpraseuth

March, Volume 49, Issue 3

Vaginal progesterone vs intramuscular 17α-hydroxyprogesterone caproate for prevention of recurrent spontaneous preterm birth in singleton gestations: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
G. Saccone, A. Khalifeh, A. Elimian, E. Bahrami, K. Chaman‐Ara, M. A. Bahrami, V. Berghella

February, Volume 49, Issue 2

Physiological adaptation of maternal plasma volume during pregnancy: a systematic review and meta‐analysis
D. Jurkovic, M. Memtsa, S. de Haas, C. Ghossein‐Doha, S. M. J. van Kuijk, J. van Drongelen, M. E. A. Spaanderman

January, Volume 49, Issue 1

Validation of maternal cardiac output assessed by transthoracic echocardiography against pulmonary artery catheterization in severely ill pregnant women: prospective comparative study and systematic review
J. Cornette, S. Laker, B. Jeffery, H. Lombaard, A. Alberts, D. Rizopoulos, J. W. Roos-Hesselink and R. C. Pattinson

Preclinical atherosclerosis at the time of pre‐eclamptic pregnancy and up to 10 years postpartum: systematic review and meta‐analysis
N. M. Milic, J. Milin-Lazovic, T. L. Weissgerber, G. Trajkovic, W. M. White and V. D. Garovic

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