Themed Issues

Published: 30 May 2017

Every January BJOG publishes a themed issue containing papers related to a carefully selected topic. All papers have passed BJOG’s high editorial standards, overseen by a team of BJOG and guest Editors. 

Each issue is free to view for the first 3 months, and then 1 year after publication. The submission deadline for each issue is 30th April the previous year, and papers can be submitted at Papers published in our themed issues usually have higher citations, because of the extra promotion these issues receive.

Being included in the issue does not delay online publication; if your paper is accepted it will be published online (with a DOI) as soon as it is ready, and then published in print in January. If inclusion in the themed issue will cause a considerable difference between the online and print publication date then we will publish your paper in a regular issue of BJOG.

On occasion we will dedicate standard issues to a given theme or topic to, for example, coincide with a particular conference or significant event in the Women’s Health calendar. Look out for our call for papers for these issues at the top of this page

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